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Aug  18:                                          John Frechette, 71, went extra yard for BC                                The Boston Globe

                                                              Vitamin D Tied to Alzheimer's Risk                                         New York Times

                                                            Positive Approach to Dementia Care                                          Bill Beckwith

June 19:                            Family Caregivers Kit can help protect older relatives' interests              San Francisco Chronicle

June 6:                                       As man's mind fades, heart comes to the rescue                          CBS News         

May 28:                                            Dementia Mentors Site Launches June 1st                                   Ann Napoletan

                                                          Caring for someone with memory disorder                                     Bill Beckwith

Apr  9:                                                      CREW's Nature Peace Walk                                       

Mar 10:                                             Blood Test Predicts Alzheimer's Disease                                            CNN

Mar 10:                                  iPods Awaken Memories Through Music for those with AD                      ABC News

Mar 10:                                                    Sent Kit to help find wanderers                                            Gary LeBlanc

Mar 6:                                      Shoes made with GPS shoes to Track  AD patients                            Naples News / Washington Post

Mar 2:                         When senior goes missing, North Naples worker calls for the dogs        Naples News

                               North Naples FD employee trains dogs to help locate missing elderly      Fox 4 News

Mar 2:                        Anaesthesia could increase the risk of dementia in elderly by 35 percent        Science Daily

Feb 13:                                AD Information Network Feb 2014 Newsletter                      University of San Diego

Feb 13:                                For Depression, Meditation might rival medications              Alice Walton / Forbes   JAMA Study                       

Jan 26:   The Act of Shadowing      Gary LeBlanc / Hernando Toady

Jan 26: Village Network: Seniors Thrive while living at home NBC Nightly News

Jan 26: Gifts from past year resonate in the new Angela Lunde / Mayo Clinic Alzheimer's Blog

Jan 22:
In patient vs Observation Status NBC Nightly News

Jan 17: Heavy drinking in middle age linked to memory loss Dr. Howard LeWine / Harvard Medical School

Jan 16: Vitamin E Slows Alzheimer's in VA Trial  US Dept. Veterans Affairs