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Date Added                  Title / Subject of Article Author / Source

Oct 5:                                             Coffee may help to protect against dementia                           Living Well with Alzheimer's

                                                                 This is your brain on Coffee                                                   New York Times

Oct  4:                                      Virgin Atlantic Airline to become "Dementia Friendly"                            Herald Express

                                                      Boston to train city workers in dementia care                                     Boston Globe

                                              New Hampshire Law request Police Training in Dementia             New Hampshire General Court
Sep 20:                                     Teen invents Sensor to Help Alzheimer's Patients                                NBC News

                                                  Memantine Improves attention and episodic memory                    Inter. Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 
                                             New York Sues to block Early Withdraw of Alzheimer's Drug             Wall Street Journal

Aug  18:                                          John Frechette, 71, went extra yard for BC                                The Boston Globe

                                                              Vitamin D Tied to Alzheimer's Risk                                         New York Times

                                                            Positive Approach to Dementia Care                                          Bill Beckwith

June 19:                            Family Caregivers Kit can help protect older relatives' interests              San Francisco Chronicle

June 6:                                       As man's mind fades, heart comes to the rescue                          CBS News         

May 28:                                            Dementia Mentors Site Launches June 1st                                   Ann Napoletan

                                                          Caring for someone with memory disorder                                     Bill Beckwith

Apr  9:                                                      CREW's Nature Peace Walk                                       

Mar 10:                                             Blood Test Predicts Alzheimer's Disease                                            CNN

Mar 10:                                  iPods Awaken Memories Through Music for those with AD                      ABC News

Mar 10:                                                    Sent Kit to help find wanderers                                            Gary LeBlanc

Mar 6:                                      Shoes made with GPS shoes to Track  AD patients                            Naples News / Washington Post

Mar 2:                         When senior goes missing, North Naples worker calls for the dogs        Naples News

                               North Naples FD employee trains dogs to help locate missing elderly      Fox 4 News

Mar 2:                        Anaesthesia could increase the risk of dementia in elderly by 35 percent        Science Daily

Feb 13:                                AD Information Network Feb 2014 Newsletter                      University of San Diego

Feb 13:                                For Depression, Meditation might rival medications              Alice Walton / Forbes   JAMA Study                       

Jan 26:   The Act of Shadowing      Gary LeBlanc / Hernando Toady

Jan 26: Village Network: Seniors Thrive while living at home NBC Nightly News

Jan 26: Gifts from past year resonate in the new Angela Lunde / Mayo Clinic Alzheimer's Blog

Jan 22:
In patient vs Observation Status NBC Nightly News

Jan 17: Heavy drinking in middle age linked to memory loss Dr. Howard LeWine / Harvard Medical School

Jan 16: Vitamin E Slows Alzheimer's in VA Trial  US Dept. Veterans Affairs